DNA are extremely proud to be working with The Lotus Effect...Sari Schorr’s vocals are simply stunning. We are very excited to be associated with such a big talent.  
- Amanda Street, Director (DNA Music Ltd)

The Lotus Effect


The evolution of The Lotus Effect blossomed across three continents in the creative soils of New York, London, Paris and Zurich. The seeds of the project were sparked in May 2003 when New York artist, Sari Schorr and Australian producer, Jack Guy, best known for his work with INXS, Sugababes and Litfiba, began writing together in London.

The Lotus Effect developed its unique sound by drawing on the contrasting styles of Jacks pop/rock sensibility and Saris jazz/classical training. Inspired by artists like Depeche Mode, Massive Attack and Sarah McLachlan, The Lotus Effect became a self-contained writing, production team focused on pushing technology to the limits while incorporating good old-fashioned songwriting.

The Lotus Effects debut album is a compelling collection of midtempo tracks and sweeping ballads that prove the duos undeniable ability to write instantly accessible songs. Ethereal soundscapes are laid across dark hypnotic rhythm tracks that show off the expressive range of Saris voice. The production is laced with artistic risk-taking in a well-balanced mix of old-school musicality and modern arrangements. Jack creates all of the sounds from their organic roots, giving the album its fresh sound.

The songs are as moody as they are uplifting. The lyrics are rich in poetic imagery. In her beautiful and incredibly sensual voice, Sari sings of the human experience. With great sensitivity she examines every aspect from death and reincarnation, to suicide and enlightenment.

To experience The Lotus Effect live is to be transported to the realm of a truly modern performance. The duos passion to connect with their audience is the foundation from which they create a compelling performance by blending cutting edge technology with solid musicianship and orgasmic vocals.

The Lotus Effect combines the best elements from its creative duo into something very distinctive.